Friday, 19 September 2014

Moscow Blue female x Tiger Lace Male

The objective of this cross was to maintain the tiger snakeskin pattern of the male while enhancing the blue shades on the tail. Only males were being sold at the pet shop and I was sure this was a stabilized strain as I had seen pictures of these with another wholesale vendor.  I cannot stress enough the importance of using stabilized strains for breeding. The lesser the number of characters to deal with, the faster you can stabilize your new hybrid strain. 

Male guppy used to make the cross. Sorry for the bad picture quality. 

Female Moscow Blue used to make the cross.

The fry were born on 15 Aug, 2014.

F1 male at 1 month (19 Sep, 2014)

F1 females at 1 month (19 Sep, 2014)

I did not use virgin Moscow Blue females to make the cross. The male fry at one month have however not developed the characteristic dark patch in the front of the body so we can safely assume that the Tiger Lace fathered them. The females too are very unlike the typical Moscow Blue females at this age. They have a yellow cast on the tail which is again derived from the Tiger Lace parent. The males have developed a blue iridescence on the peduncle, a characteristic that is probably X-linked from the Moscow Blue mother.


  1. did you make any progress with this cross ?

  2. I had to discard the cross midway as the males would lose colour when frightened. There was too much of a transparent patch on the caudal making it look like a double sword.

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